A carta do Pastor Frantz

Este texto é real, enviado para mim por e-mail pelo meu amigo Conrad Louis-Charles, um domenicano radicado nos USA, repórter fotográfico da National Geographic. Trata-se de uma carta do Pastor Frantz, um haitiano pego de surpresa pela catástrofe durante uma viagem a Port au Prince. O Pastor é um idealista que luta para construir uma escola para crianças carentes num local próximo de Port au Prince. O texto é tocante. Vale ler até o fim.

Monday, January 18, 2010.
I am sure that you have been overwhelmed the last few days with the reports that are coming out of Haiti. All of us have invested something into that lovely country and right now it is hard to watch the reports that are coming from there.

I am writing with a heavy and anxious heart. I returned from Port au Prince last night  around 12 pm after spending a little over 10 hours there. I travelled with my other brother, We also planned to assess how we could help.

I saw first hand the destruction and loss of life and it is incredible. I cannot fully describe the scene and I am still trying to process it all myself. I wept this morning as we continued our 40 days of prayer. It is simply very hard to experience. Imagine over 3 million people displaced, hundreds of thousands of dead bodies, no power, no water, no shelter, no fuel, no food All of this is unimaginable in a developed country let alone a country like Haiti. From what I saw the city is for all practical purposes destroyed. I was able to see all of the government buildings, finance, justice, health, mayors office, palace, all destroyed. Four large hospitals destroyed, and all hospitals damaged. Nearly all the major businesses were destroyed or severely damaged and commerce has stopped. I saw two working gas stations but each had run out of fuel by the time we left. I saw dead bodies everywhere, lining streets, lying in rubble, piled on street corners and being slowly carried away by men with carts. I saw people erupting in joy at the news their loved ones survived and I saw families erupting with grief as they learned of the loss of their family, the scene repeated itself thousands of times all over the city. I saw thousands upon thousands of people sitting and lying in the streets unable or too scared to enter the shelter of the buildings left standing. I slept outside with many people and listened to the sweet sound of relief planes arriving and carrying hope more than anything else. I listened as thousands of people cried out to God and even praised him. I felt ashamed at my lack of faith as they sang “tout bagay déjà byen” “all things are already good”. Unbelievable. I counted people as we stood and waited along the road out of Port au Prince. The average was 81 people per minute heading north, with that average over 14,000 people passed by me on there way out, many unsure where they will go. I’m sure you have all seen pictures and heard the news stories but the reality is astonishing and will worsen in these first days of this tragedy.

The needs are enormous. I wondered this morning how you take nothing from nothing. Someone said yesterday “if Port au Prince is broken, Haiti is broken” and that is correct. This tragedy has deeply affected all of Haiti. The availability of all supplies here is decreasing or gone and the means to get supplies here is crippled. Diesel fuel is nearly gone and the price has nearly doubled. Diesel is $5 a gallon and a gallon of gasoline is now $12.50 in many places. The mission is going to need our help

In the meantime – pray, pray , pray – for protection, for me, my family and the hard work of Senda De Amor in Haiti.

Thanks to all of you who have pray for me, my family and my country.

Thanks to everyone who has shown so much concern for us and the people of Haiti. I’m sure we have forgotten some things and we’ll try and keep updates coming. Please forward this on.

Keep Praying and God Bless.

Pastor Frantz

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